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About Us

Pioneering Excellence in Real Estate Brokerage Business in FL, CA and NV

Discover the driving force behind InvestorsAlly Group, led by Ralph Liu, a seasoned business leader with an illustrious background in finance & investment banking. As the President of InvestorsAlly Group & the Chairman & CEO of Advanced e-Financial Technologies, Inc. (AeFT), Ralph Liu has been a trailblazer in crypto currency technologies - NFTs & block chain-based co-ownership platforms.

A Legacy of Wall Street Expertise

With a rich history in Wall Street institutions such as First Boston, Morgan Stanley, Chemical Bank, UBS, Chase Manhattan Bank in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong & as the former Chief Investment Officer of China Everbright Bank in Beijing, Ralph brings a wealth of knowledge to the business of commercial real estate & investment properties.

Global Recognition in Investment Banking

Ralph's successful investment banking and capital market ventures have earned global recognition, establishing him as a prominent figure in the financial industry. Residing in both Southern California & Central Florida, he is deeply committed to driving growth & excellence in luxury properties brokerage in the US & beyond.

InvestorsAlly Group: Luxury Brokerage Excellence Since 2010

Headquartered in Newport Beach, with offices in Las Vegas, Miami Beach & Orlando, InvestorsAlly Group has been delivering luxury brokerage services since 2010. True to our name, we are the ally for investors specializing in prudent investments in luxury real estate properties, super yachts & private jets.

 Global Reach - Local Expertise

Our specialized teams boast extensive knowledge, contacts & expertise in various regions worldwide,  including Southern California, France, Italy, Germany & prominent global cities. Whether you're interested in coastal luxury residential homes, commercial properties, wineries, vineyards or even private islands— our commitment is to match you with the property or investment that best suits your needs.

Personalized Service - Global Impact

At InvestorsAlly Group, we believe in the power of personal interaction. Operating where our clients need us, we provide a worldwide service that's locally expert & globally informed. Our inspired teams are dedicated to excellence, respecting diverse opinions & fostering a workplace where everyone contributes to the success of our business.

Focus on Luxury Vacation Rental Homes

InvestorsAlly LLC, our Florida & Nevada-based subsidiary, currently focuses on luxury vacation rental homes around the Orlando and Las Vegas markets. Join us in redefining luxury living & investment excellence.


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