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eSports Bedroom

eSports Themes Furnishing Consulting

Equip your hotel events centers or
vacation rental home garages with eSports themes 

eSports Bedroom
eSports Furnishing


E-Blue has set up thousands of esports arenas/cafés, schools, and sports facilities since 2016. We aim to assist any current hotel investor/owner in revamping a few rooms, allowing the hotel to enter the esports field and establish a new market position. Ensure the fullest reservation through your local gamers and hotel guests.

eSports Space House

eSports Themes for Hotels

Actual guest rooms are transformed into an esports-themed design featuring gaming rigs, gaming monitors, gaming desks, chairs, and many more amenities, allowing guests to stay and play or host a tournament. Captivate local customers to visit and occupy the esports rooms with family or friends and enjoy their stay in such a unique "RGB" esports environment.

Bring an immersion in the “RGB” gaming experience.

Generate significant income from the in-room dining service.

eSports Arena
eSports Bunk Beds

Our Service & Solution

  • Free 2D room allocation.

  • 3D design + sales proposal.

  • Delivery of all interior decoration outfitting.

  • ​On-site installation guide available.

  • On-site server build, pre-installed with the top 100 hottest games, install management/tournament software.

  • Gaming PC purchase + installation.

  • ​On-site tournament software installation, allowing gamers to connect in real-time tournaments with other global players and providing daily operation and in-room dining order services.


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